McCloud River Fly Fishing Report 11/18/2015:

The McCloud River is closed for the 2015 season. Opening day 2016 is Saturday April 30th.

Hot Flies: #6-8 Rubber Legs, #14 Dark Lord,  #14-16 E/C Caddis, #14-18 BH Pheasant Tail Nymphs, #18-20 Zebra Midge, #14-18 Red Copper John,  Mercer’s #14-18 Micro Mayfly in Brown, Red, Black, #12-16 Adams, #14-16 Eng Thing.

“We can fly fish on the McCloud from April 28th through November 15th. Call 800-669-3474 to book a guided trip and avoid the mystery of wondering how to catch these wild fish!  Or Contact me by email”.

All the flies listed above can be found here: The Fly Shop

About The McCloud

This river is a special place.  I think the experience of walking it’s banks is just about enough fulfillment, but catching it’s wild rainbow trout and brown trout on a fly rod is fuel to the fire.  Fishing the McCloud River involves wading among stones, irregular, precarious rocks and boulders. Good wading boots and a wading staff are recommended by all.

McCloud River
A piece of the McCloud River

What I can tell you is this:  It’s fly fisherman’s paradise.  Riffles, runs, pools.  coniferous forest, dear, bear, eagles.  Intense hatches of stone flies, mayflies and caddis.  Not necessarily at the same time and every day!  Brown trout from Lake Shasta migrate into the McCloud during the Fall months to spawn.  It’s not uncommon to find one of these huge lake run fish on the end of your leader.  Some of these fish go over 10lbs!!  Wild rainbow trout dominate the catching and releasing.

Best time to fish the McCloud river is when you can get there, but early to late Fall is my favorite time.  Spectacular fall colors, and friendly water conditions all contribute to a very memorable experience.  Early spring very popular with anglers because of all the thick insect hatches and aggressive fish eating off the surface!  I don’t mind the middle of summer.  In August, fish are found in the shady runs, down deep where it’s cold and comfortable eating small black or green Micro Mayflies.  Some of my best memories of fishing the McCloud have occurred in August!

An angling experience on the McCloud will include a lot of walking on trails along the river.  Waders are a very good idea in the spring while in the summer, wading in your surf trunks is most comfortable. October-November 15th can be cool demanding waders, jackets, hats even gloves.

9ft 4 or 5wt rods are perfect.  A floating line will be the most used, but sink tips are ideal for fishing streamers in deep pools.  I use a 7.5 foot 4x leader with tippet rarely smaller than 4x.  5X or smaller may be used for #18 dry flies.

Expect to cover some water on this river.  I like to move from run to run, pool to pool.  Sometimes we find a spot that is just loaded with fish, but usually it’s 1-4 here and there.  Sometimes, the fishing can be tough!  Most of my guests that fish with me on the McCloud stay in Mt. Shasta or camp out at Ash Camp or Ah-di-Nah campground.

Contact me with questions please!  This is a great river!  I am looking forward to showing you some of the better riffles, pools and runs on this stream!