Fly Fishing Report for Winter 2016:

Bollibokka is closed for the 2016 season. Opening day is Saturday April 30th 2016.

Hot flies:  Pats Rubber Legs #6-8 (Called “Jimmy Legs” at TFS), Red Copper Johns #16-18, #14-18 Amber Wing Prince, Zack’s Zuggers, Brown or Black or Red Micro Mayflies, Pheasant Tail Nymphs #12-18, #18-22 Zebra Midge, Parachute Adams #14-16, Woolly Buggers and/or leeches! As October moves in, make sure you have October Caddis patterns.

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About Bollibokka

This stretch of river, known as “Bollibokka”, is on the McCloud River. Bollibokka offers some of the best fly fishing for native California rainbow trout in California. Bollibokka is a secret, historical and a highly coveted pice of land with the most famous trout stream in the world running some 5 miles through the Bollibokka property. The McCloud River waters meet Shasta Lake not far from the main clubhouse perfectly situated only steps from the McClouds pristine pools. Perfect. Excellent wading, uncrowned, rainbow trout, brown trout…a complete fly fishing experience to say the least for the few who enter the most famous stretch of private water in California and quite possibly, the world. Bollibokka is the McCloud River just before it reaches Lake Shasta in Northern California.  I had heard about this place from the few who had been there. Those who walked the banks of this hallowed section of the McCloud reminisced  about the excellent dry fly fisng and nymph fishing found so abundantly along the McClouds sultry banks, coves, riffles and runs. I knew about it’s history, especially how rainbow trout from this river were transported around the globe.  Many of the worlds best streams are populated with McCloud strain rainbow trout. Bollibokka has always been this “mysterious place”.  More familiar now, I will always sense there’s something hidden along it’s course.  There’s always another riffle, run or pool to fish.  So much water!

McCloud River Brown Trout

After visiting this hallowed river for the first time during the summer of 2009, my expectations were far exceeded. The number of opportunities are only limited by the amount of water an angler is willing to cover. This is a wade only fishery for the able bodied angler. A perfectly groomed trail follows the canyon. Spur trails lead us down to key runs. Wading is not difficult, but expect to contend with all measure of irregularities along the river and in the water. Rainbow trout from small to 20″ are found. Brown trout haunt the tail-outs striking at streamers and Clouser minnows. A Turks tarantula suspending a red copper john late in the day brought more than a few fish to the surface while I rambled along the banks, casting to anyplace that would accept a back cast.   Fish are regularly found rising in the shallow glides between riffles and pools. The beauty of the canyon surpasses what the Nature Conservancy stretch of the McCloud offers, because Bollibokka is bigger, the canyon is wider, the river is bigger, the views are memorable, even intense.

Bollibokka is a must see destination for all of my guests. The entry fee is not cheap, but far less expensive than a trip to Montana and just as memorable. The season on Bollibokka starts the last Saturday in April and closes November 15th. Anglers can book for a week or a day.  Tuesdays is “House Keeping” day and perfect for those who want to fish a part of the river for a day.  Typically, no one is there, just us.  The place is secluded.  It’s easy to have a solitary, classic, fly fishing experience here.

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Let’s fish here in November!  Beautiful Fall colors, cool air, October caddis hatches, wild McCloud strain rainbow trout, some brown trout, and some good times are in your future

Equipment: 5 or 6wt rods, floating line, type IV sink tip, wading staff, waders and boots (I recommend Simms boots with star cleats).  Bring a sweater and rain jacket in the Fall.  Expect to carry a water container, like a Nalgene bottle.  I have extra nalgene bottles.  We typically filter water straight from the stream if we run low on bottled water.  I will provide an on stream lunch and snacks for up to three anglers.  Contact me about fly selection.

Book a day on Bollibokka with me by calling The Fly Shop at 800-669-3474 or email me with questions.