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How We Built BeTheFly

Welcome to BeTheFly resources page! How we built BeTheFly is a long story that transcends fishing. It’s more of a long journey with WordPress and endless time learning how to create plugins and themes for the WordPress CMS. By sharing with you some of the key tools we used and relationships that helped us, maybe we can inspire you to reach out to me, Chris Parsons, so I can help you do the same.

On this page, We provide you with useful resources and solutions used at BeTheFly that help make our life as a fly fishing resource a little bit easier. I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks for convenient future reference.

Please keep in mind that some of the following resources are my affiliate links, and should you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission — at no extra cost to you! I am recommending these resources only because I have found them to be incredibly helpful. Don’t spend your money on any products or resources unless you think they will benefit you.

The Fly Shop

The Fly Shop

The Fly Shop is Northern California’s #1 Fly Fishing Resource. When I started guiding over 15 years ago, I performed my first guided fly fishing trip with The Fly Shop and never looked back. Since then, I have spent thousands of days on the rivers of Northern California fly fishing for rainbow trout and steelhead. I recommend all of the guides at The Fly Shop to all my clients when I am unavailable to guide because I’m booked up or out of town fishing.

If you are thinking about hiring a guide or looking to refine your skills on the incredible rivers surrounding Redding, CA. then look no further. You’ll make friends for life, make incredible memories, catch fish and it’s all so easy to line up. Just give them a call at 800-669-3474.

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SteelBridge Media

SteelBridge Media

If you are serious about your web presence and website then you’ll understand how important it is to have solid knowledge and experience in your corner when competing for web traffic and results. I can’t recommend SteelBridge Media enough. They provide a beautiful, turn-key experience from constructing your website and associated applications to social media integrations and campaign implementation and monitoring. The depth of experience SteelBridge brings from coding your site, to design, copy writing, is extensive to say the least. They are easy to reach, support when needed is excellent.

I use SteelBridge Media for all my web needs from website and application design to social media campaigns and Search Engine Optimization. They are worth every penny! – In my opinion.

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tight line web hosting

Tight Line Web Hosting

A great web hosting company – you need to host your website with them. I use them for some of my other e-commerce sites as well.. even though they specialize in the Guided Fly Fishing World. They are accessible anytime, anywhere.

What I really like is the ease of adding and curating content on my fishing site. The system is intuitive and fast. I can post content as soon as it’s created! So glad I am hosting with Tight Line Web Host.. !!

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